The following outlines the Terms and Conditions associated with registering your child in TRL: Touch Rugby League. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully.

As the parent/guardian please note this form also acts as a Parent’s Consent Form and Media Release Form.

If you do not want your child’s photo published on the website or used in promotional material please email



  1. As parent/guardian of the enrolled child, I give permission for this child, to partake in TRL training sessions, games and event days.
  2. I also warrant that I am the parent/guardian of said child.


A: Code of Conduct

All registered children and parents/guardians must refrain from:

  1. Continual breaches of the rules;
  2. Swearing, foul, abusive or derogatory language which includes comments or actions;
  3. Verbal abuse including language, comments or words that threatens or denigrates a player, referee, coach or spectator on the basis of his/her religion, sexual orientation, disability, race, colour, national or ethnic origin;
  4. Talking back to or arguing with a referee or coach;
  5. Dissent or disapproval towards a referee or coach following a decision by the referee or coach;
  6. Intentional physical contact not permitted by the rules or striking a player, referee, coach, spectator or TRL representative;
  7. Attacking the head of an opponent or tripping an opponent;
  8. Entering the field under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  9. Excessively hard touches or overly aggressive game play;
  10. Any action deemed, in the ultimate discretion of the referee, coach or competition manager, to bring the game into disrepute or any other action which is not in the spirit of the game.

Should a child (or parent/guardian) breach the Code of Conduct above, TRL Pty Ltd may take whatever action necessary including but not limited to: suspension of children, parents or guardians; escalating the matter to Police or appropriate law enforcement bodies.

PLEASE NOTE, TRL has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to acts of violence. TRL takes such incidents extremely seriously. Any child, parent, guardian or spectator involved in any violent act will be banned from TRL. The ban will in most cases, be for life and only if there are extenuating circumstances, will that person be allowed to return. TRL will also escalate such incidents to the police where required.

B: Role of the Parent/Guardian
  1. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children and associated spectators’ conduct both on and off the field.
  2. The parent/guardian must make sure they have registered their child.
  3. Parents/guardians must be present at all times (or have a suitable replacement – e.g. OSHC Worker) whilst TRL training sessions and games are taking place.
  4. All parents/guardians must assist TRL representatives in identifying players that have breached the Code of Conduct.
C: Insurance
  1. To be insured, a child must be registered. 
  2. All parents/guardians are encouraged to seek medical advice for their children before playing to ensure they are fit and capable of playing TRL.
  3. All registered children agree to be covered by the Sports Personal Accident Insurance Policy (Arthur J. Gallagher) as arranged by TRL through TRL Pty Ltd. [Policy details are available from Aleeshia Chick:]
  4. For a child (parent/guardian) to make an insurance claim, they must report the incident to the coach/referee on the day/night of the injury. A failure to do so voids a player’s right to claim through the TRL Insurance Policy.
D: Disclaimer & Acknowledgements
  1. In consideration of TRL Pty Ltd allowing my child, once they are registered, to participate in the TRL Pty Ltd training sessions and games organised by TRL Pty Ltd, I agree to release TRL Pty Ltd from all liability for any claim or demand or damage or personal injury or illness sustained by me (a) arising from or in respect of my participation in any training session/game or other activity (TRL related or otherwise) arranged by or on behalf of TRL Pty Ltd, whether or not the injury is caused by TRL Pty Ltd or any other person; and (b) whether or not the damage, personal injury or illness arises from the negligence or breach of any statutory duty of TRL Pty Ltd or any other individual.
  2. I acknowledge that: (a) in the conduct of the TRL training sessions and games or other activity, some physical contact will occur between my child and other individuals involved in the competition; and (b) I consent to that contact being made; and (c) I will not hold TRL Pty Ltd or any other TRL Representative responsible for any injury or illness I may suffer in respect of that contact.
  3. I acknowledge that TRL rent/hire their fields from other Organisations which from time to time could cancel games whether this be on account of weather or otherwise. I accept that in such instances, TRL will make best endeavours to make up these games in a double round; or on another night (and potentially at another location). I also accept that TRL may need to change the specific field/location/venue of the Competition I have registered for if the fields are no longer suitable or become unavailable. In such instances, TRL will use best endeavours to ensure the new venue location is within reasonable distance of the original playing venue.
  4. I acknowledge that in order to co-ordinate TRL effectively, my contact details will be used to communicate competition updates via email (including newsletter service) and phone.

PART 3: MEDIA RELEASE FORM – I Consent To My Child’s Image/Photo Being Used

  1. TRL and/or its agents respectfully request to be able to make use of pictures/videos/images of your child whether that be on the website, Facebook or other related mediums. Images may be used in both administrative material (reports, updates etc) or promotional material (e.g. flyers, online adverts etc).
  2. TRL will not remunerate the child/parent or make any payments for the use of these images – royalties or otherwise.
  3. TRL will retain copyright in all images and videos produce in the course of running TRL related competitions or activity.


  1. I acknowledge it is my responsibility to bring to the attention of TRL, any illness or condition my child has or may have.
  2. I accept that as the parent/guardian that I need to be present during the entire training session/game and take full responsibility for health and wellbeing of my child during each session OR have an appropriate Proxy instead such as a OSHC worker.
  3. I accept that I am responsible for the administration of any medication, treatment to my child during the Program or have an appropriate Proxy instead to administer such treatment such as a OSHC worker.
  4. I accept that it is my responsibility to inform TRL of the type and nature of the illness my child may or does have BUT acknowledge that conveying this information does not make TRL responsible in any way shape or form for looking after my child.

The child is the parent/guardian’s responsibility who may themselves outsource this responsibility to the OSHC. We will use the information provided to us in relation to any illness or condition as a guide to helping facilitate any treatment a child may need but TRL takes no responsibility for administering any treatment, medicines or providing medical advice. The child must be under the supervision of the parent/guardian at all times.


  1. Payments are taken via Direct Debit – provider, EziDebit. The amount and frequency of the Direct Debit is subject to change. Any proposed change in this arrangement will be communicated to the paying member via email and in advance of this change taking place.
  2. Membership can be cancelled at anytime. However to ensure you are not charged for any training sessions/games your child does not attend you must provide notice of your intention to cancel at least 5 calendar days before your child’s next training session. For example, if your child participates in a training session on Wednesday afternoons, you must notify TRL Management by Monday (the previous week) at the latest in order for the next direct debit not to be charged. If notice is provided later than this, the cancellation will take place the following week.
  3. Dishonour Fees: Please see Ezidebit’s Terms and Conditions.
  4. Missed Sessions: Term 1 – If your child misses a training session and notice is provided within 24 hours of this missed session, your child will receive a credit for that week. Term 2 – If your child misses a training session and notice is provided within 24 hours of this missed session, your child will be eligible for a make-up session at another training session (different time/location) on an agreed upon date. If notice is provided outside of the 24-hour window (e.g. several days or weeks later), your child will not be eligible for a credit or make-up session. If your child misses a training session and game in one week and notice is provided within 24 hours of the missed training session you will not be charged for that week. If notice is provided outside of the 24-hour window (e.g. several days or weeks later), your payment will be processed and no credit/make-up will be applied.
  5. Uniform Fee: A Uniform Fee will be implemented at a suitable time at the discretion of TRL Pty Ltd and will result in a one-off payment of $30. The paying member will be notified via email in advance providing 14 calendar days notice of this payment. No refunds will be afforded unless goods are faulty.


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